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Hair Transplant Procedures During Covid-19

Those with hair loss problems postponed their hair transplant treatments in the last two years when Covid-19 affected the whole world. Considering that hair loss affects self-confidence as well as appearance, those who have this disease may wish to have a hair transplant treatment as soon as possible. So, can hair transplant treatments be done safely now?

It is possible to restore your hair with the hair follicle taken from yourself with the hair transplantation process. Experts emphasize that hair transplantation also increases self-confidence. In the meantime, hair transplant operations, which were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which affected the whole world and frightened people, started to be implemented again with the new normalization.

Hair transplantation treatments are performed in environments where there are UVC lamps effective against the virus. Thus, one of the most isolated environments from the virus is hair transplant operating rooms. In addition, surgeons pay attention to complying with the distance condition, using hand disinfectants frequently, and taking mask precautions to reduce personal contact.

These were the conditions of the surgeons and the hospital. So, what are the precautions required from the patients? Here are some of the precautions applied in hair transplant procedures during Covid-19:

  • Getting a Covid-19 test before coming to Turkey
  • Extra hygiene and cleaning rules of transfer companies
  • Our hotel selection was in favor of clean and safe hotels.
  • High-level epidemic measures were taken in hospitals
  • Continuous covid-19 test by the hair transplant team

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