Learn More About Hair Transplantation

What is DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI stands for Direct Hair Transplant, and it prefers a more direct approach for hair restoration. Unlike other hair transplantation techniques, hair follicles will not be subject to any additional treatment or wait for special solutions.

Practitioners will take grafts from the donor area and then transplant the hair follicles to the operation area with a special pen. This special pen eliminates the need for incisions or channel openings. Thanks to this direct approach, it also offers one of the highest satisfaction rates among the patients.

Is DHI Hair Transplant Safe?

You do not have to worry about a DHI hair transplant at all. It is a new and completely safe method for almost everyone. Unfortunately, hair restoration techniques may not be an ideal choice for every patient. Depending on your health condition, you may not be eligible for it.

In this respect, you need to visit a clinic for the examination. If your surgeon will tell you that you are eligible for hair restoration techniques, you can choose between various popular methods. DHI hair transplant is one of the most preferred methods recently.

Which Is Better DHI or FUE?

The only difference between DHI and FUE is the process after taking the hair grafts from the donor area. In fact, surgeons take the grafts with the same technique in both DHI and FUE. DHI hair transplant includes a direct approach while your hair follicles need to rest in a special solution in FUE.

It is not possible to say that one of them is superior to the other. This all depends on your preferences and expectations.

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