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Hair Transplant Surgery in 5 Steps

Hair loss! One of the most annoying problems that most common among men. Although there are some non-surgical methods to reduce hair loss, hair transplant is shown as a definite solution to hair loss. Hair transplant is a long-term process of getting natural results and one of the most important steps of this process is the surgery process. You may wonder, like many others, what is the process of the hair transplant. Here, hair transplant surgery in 5 steps.
  1. Preparing the donor area for the surgery: Hair follicles usually stronger in the back of your head compared to other places. Thus, surgeons use the back of your head as a donor area. The hair in the donor area will trim to extract hair follicles easier before the surgery. After trimming your hair, surgeons will prepare your donor site with local anesthesia for the surgery.
  2. The tissue in the donor site removed and the donor site sutured: In this step, resistant hair follicles are removed from the donor area for the recipient area and then surgically sutured. These stitches in the donor area are covered with unshaved hair and then these stitches are removed 10 days later.
  3. Donor tissue trimmed into follicular unit grafts: In this process, hair follicles taken from the donor area are divided into grafts with the help of microscopes.
  4. Incısıons made in the recipient area: Hair taken from the donor area is prepared to be planted in the recipient area where baldness is located. In the meantime, the recipient area is prepared for this process. Follicular Unit Grafts are placed in tiny incisions that are made in an irregular pattern in the recipient area.
  5. Closing of the hair transplant surgery: The incision marks heal naturally and the redness in the recipient area vanishes itself within a week. And then starts the healing process.

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