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Is A Hair Transplant Surgery Lifetime?

is hair transplant lifetime

Hair loss can be one of the most annoying conditions for most of us, especially for men. Since it does affect not only your appearance but also affects your psychology, hair loss can be seen as a condition that needs to be cured. Thanks to technology and some scientists, we can perform several treatment methods to solve your hair loss problem. Hair transplant procedures are a solid solution to hair loss, but hair transplant procedures can be relatively expensive. So, the question “Is A Hair Transplant Surgery Lifetime?” can be asked before the procedure.

What Should You Expect From A Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant surgeries are done by transplanting your hair follicles to the bald area. Surgeons take healthy and “working” hair follicles from your scalp’s donor area and plant them to the recipient area. So, they plant your live hair follicles, and someday they don’t work, of course. Hair follicles are alive tissue organs since you will not live forever; it would be ridiculous to expect them to live forever either.

However, if you get a hair transplant from quality clinics and experienced doctors, hair strands can be lifelong. Even if there is temporary hair loss after hair transplantation treatments, the transplanted hair grows again, and it will not fall out unless you experience a disease such as cancer, hormonal disorder, and intense stress. If you are experience hair loss even after a hair transplant procedure, you may be experiencing rejected hair transplant, or your hair transplant procedure has failed.

How Successful Are Hair Transplants Procedures?

If your hair follicles are prone to falling out, your hopes for a good hair transplant may be dashed, and it is not worth the risk. Male pattern baldness is a complicated type of hair loss to combat. Male pattern baldness does not affect most people’s hair follicles on the back of the head. Some, on the other hand, can’t stand it.

Hair transplant procedures are carried out to achieve the best outcomes. Your hair strands would not fall out, according to surgeons. The first wave of your transplanted hair will fall out, which is expected because the scalp tissue attacks them because it believes they are a threat to the body. After some time, the new compatible hair strands will grow in and be perfectly fine. After at least nine months, you will notice fully grown hair. It is not a safe idea to say whether your hair transplant has failed before nine months.

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