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DHI vs. FUE – Which One Should You Prefer?

In hair transplant treatment there are lots of techniques. But, there are two techniques known as the most technological technique. One of them is direct hair transplantation—DHI and the other one is follicular unit extraction—FUE.

Hair transplant treatment, which has been carried out since the 1930s, is being renewed day by day and new techniques are emerging. But, FUE and DHI is the most technological way to treat your hair loss and baldness. The FUE method emerged in the 1990s and it has been implemented for almost 30 years. However, DHI is the technique that has the same logic as FUE but DHI uses different tools compared to FUE. In 2010, direct hair implementation surgery emerged and this makes DHI the most technological method.

When we compare the two techniques, we can say that DHI and FUE have a lot of similarities:

  • DHI is a relatively new procedure and just like FUE.
  • They have the same logic on the basis. Extraction procedures are the same and DHI gives very little damage to the donor site. Thus, the recovery time is faster.
  • DHI leaves no undetectable scars and the results look natural just like FUE.
  • DHI requires local anesthesia just like, the FUE.

The main difference between DHI and FUE is in the technique that grafts—taken from the donor area, are implanted into the recipient area. In the FUE method, surgeons manually implant the extracted grafts. On the other hand, in the DHI technique, surgeons use a specific tool (it looks like a pen). Therefore surgeons need to open a canal to implant hair follicles in the FUE method. But, they don’t need to open the canal because the implanter tool opens the canal and implants hair follicles automatically. Thus, DHI allows the implantation to happen right after extraction.

To sum up, although they have the same logic in basic, they are different techniques in terms of implementation. Also, you should know there are price differences between DHI and FUE. Because of the technology used in the procedure, DHI is more expensive than FUE. As a result, you should consider these differences and similarities if you want to get a hair transplant treatment.

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