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Side Effects of FUE Hair Transplant

For many people, issues such as hair loss and baldness can often be annoying. But, you should know that there are several solutions to restore your hair. One of these solutions is Follicular Unit Extraction as known as the FUE.

With the FUE method, surgeons move your hair follicles which are taken from your hair already have, to recipient area that are bald or thin area at your scalp.

Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE is the most prefered technique, because of the technology that surgeons use in this method. Although, FUE is the most technological way to restore your hair, it may show some side effects in some cases.

Normally, any side effects that follow a hair transplant will often clear up within a few weeks of the procedure.

  • Bleeding and swelling of the scalp
    • In some cases, some patients may experience this side effect and it is the most common side effect.
  • Post-Surgical Edema
    • Another common side effect is post-surgical edema which is the build-up of fluid that causes swelling following surgery. And this can occurs in 42 % of hair transplant patients.
  • Itchiness
    • Itchiness can occur in the transplanted area. Washing of hair without using perfumed shampoos can help mitigate itchiness.
  • Shock Loss
    • Shock loss mainly occurs when newly transplanted hair falls suddenly after the procedure.
  • Hiccups
    • Hiccups are the less common side effect. It can be seen in almost 4% of hair transplant patients.
  • Scarring
    • In the transplanted process, the donor area could leave a wide or raised scar. Fairly raised scars are uncommon but wide scar can be seen the almost 15% of patients.

All in all, although hair transplant ends with good results, there can be side effects until patients reach conclusion. If you meet an unexpected side effect you should call your surgeons.

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